Our Impact

Over our 50-year history, the Shriver Center has secured hundreds of law and policy victories with and for people living in poverty in Illinois. Building on these wins and our comprehensive view of poverty, we connect and train lawyers, community leaders, and activists nationwide to advance opportunity — for all, not just some.

Investing in people – not punishment – will make everyone safer.

The latest move by the Trump Administration to erode federal civil rights protections has especially cruel timing in the midst of a global pandemic.

The Suspend the Timeline Not Parental Rights During a Public Health Crisis Act will prevent parents from losing their parental rights permanently.

A new rule threatens access to food assistance for thousands of people

District court Judge in New York issued a new temporary injunction blocking implementation and enforcement of the DHS Public Charge rule nationwide.

A Fair Tax can drive economic and racial justice in Illinois.

Wendy Pollack has been recognized for her work to improve the lives of women and girls.

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