Housing Rights

Shelter is not only a basic human need, it is also critical to people’s ability to pursue and attain economic stability.

We work to remove barriers that limit people’s ability to access safe, affordable, healthy housing that everyone deserves. We educate policymakers so they can pass more effective policies. We litigate and win victories for tenants. We collaborate with community members and partner organizations to identify solutions and amplify the voices of those most impacted. And we inform the public at large so everyone can play a part in ensuring affordable housing for all.

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Our Insights

Housing authorities can promote health and justice for returning citizens right now

A statement from the Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

Crime-free nuisance ordinances do not make communities safer.

Our Impact

The latest move by the Trump Administration to erode federal civil rights protections has especially cruel timing in the midst of a global pandemic.

New report describes an urgent and ongoing environmental and health crisis for many families living in affordable housing.


Aug 2020

This Spanish-language webinar covers general elements of fair housing law

Jul 2020

A collection of readings, research, and tools to help guide an understanding of structural racism.

Jun 2020

Shriver Center advocates share updates on their COVID-19 response work and impact.

Mar 2020

Links to information and useful resources to aid communities seeking support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jul 2018

The policy of aldermanic prerogative has hindered development of affordable housing and racial integration in the City of Chicago

Mar 2017

Crime free rental housing and nuisance property ordinances often have very costly consequences for tenant families, landlords, and the whole community

Feb 2015

Overly restrictive housing admissions policies create barriers to housing for individuals with criminal records.

Attorneys and Specialists

Eric Sirota
Eric Sirota
Eric Sirota
Director of Housing Justice


Emily Coffey
Emily Coffey
Emily Coffey
Staff Attorney, Housing Justice, Goldberg Kohn Foundation/Fred Cohen Fellow


Tex Pasley
Tex Pasley
Tex Pasley
University of Virginia Powell Fellow in Legal Services


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