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The Shriver Center on Poverty Law is leading the fight for economic and racial justice.

Policies and laws that create and perpetuate poverty and racial inequity are written into the fabric of our nation. They’re complex, rooted in institutions, structures, and systems in every state. For that reason, people experience poverty differently based on their race and other identities, but all are denied dignity and freedom by institutional barriers designed to harm certain groups while advantaging others. 

Imagine a country where someone’s race doesn’t affect their access to economic opportunity. 

Our goal is to build a future free from racism, poverty, and the interlocking systems designed to keep those inequities alive. From litigating and shaping policies in Illinois, to training and convening multi-state networks of public interest attorneys, the Shriver Center on Poverty Law works with and for the communities we serve to make equal justice and economic opportunity a reality. 

We're building a future free from poverty and racism, where everyone has equal power under the law.

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