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Experts say small-scale guaranteed income pilot programs could set the stage for state and federal action, by normalizing the idea of universal guaranteed income and generating data on the benefits of such programs. “The general way that good public policy has developed in the country is that states have adopted really strong policy and eventually that’s led to the federal government adopting it,” said Jeremy Rosen, director of economic justice at the nonprofit Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

The percentages of Black and Latino people in Illinois without insurance were much higher than the percentage of white people lacking coverage. About 7.9% of Black Illinois residents and 15.8% of Hispanic or Latino people didn’t have insurance in 2021, compared with only 4.3% of white people. “That’s a legacy of systemic inequalities in health insurance in Illinois and everywhere across the country,” said Stephani Becker, Associate Director of Health Care Justice at the Shriver Center.

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Macrie, Strong Marks and Wallis bring legal and business experience.

New Shriver Center report urges policy changes to increase racial equity and protect low-wage workers.

The Shriver Center is thrilled to announce Chicago native Luvvie Ajayi Jones as the keynote speaker for the Homecoming Gala: Justice Reimagined.

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Statement from Audra Wilson, President and CEO of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law

Direct investments in health coverage, tax credits, and other benefits for people with low income will serve families hardest hit by the pandemic.

Black & Brown communities deserve resources, support, & opportunities to thrive.

We will continue to fight for immigrant families in Illinois and across the country.

From the Desk of Audra Wilson

Attacks on Critical Race Theory Undermine Advocacy for Racial and Economic Justice

Without history, there is no basis for comprehensive advocacy efforts for racial and economic justice.

We Must Honor American Workers on Labor Day by Continuing to Fight for Their Rights

We must acknowledge the myriad challenges facing workers, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

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