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The fight for racial and economic justice takes commitment from everyone—no one can stand on the sidelines anymore.

The challenges we face in the fight for racial and economic justice have roots in our history as a country.

Shriver Center participates in White House meeting with tenant leaders, advocates, and providers.

Macrie, Strong Marks and Wallis bring legal and business experience.

Working across state lines to create collective, bold, and meaningful systems change.

Since everyone needs a place to live, ensuring that people with records have access to stable housing is not merely equitable, but also a matter of common sense.

This spring, the Shriver Center championed a legislative agenda in Illinois designed to support low-wage workers, expand access to health coverage, and secure stable housing so that all Illinoisans can thrive. 

We must remove barriers that limit people's ability to make those choices and to address the legacy of racism that is embedded in our country's housing policies.

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