Community Lawyering

How can we effectively advocate for the communities we serve if we don’t work alongside them?

Move beyond your role as a legal aid lawyer and see yourself as a community catalyst, trusted advisor, and partner. The Shriver Center’s Community Lawyering training brings a new mindset to equal justice advocacy and provides concrete steps to build and sustain strong relationships among community members.

You’ll learn how to activate issues identified by the community, lead a successful advocacy and media campaign, and facilitate community leadership. We’ll share real-life examples from groups across the country. You can even organize this course in conjunction with your local community leaders and create a relationship building exercise. Working together, we can achieve real change.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Activate community-identified issues by helping groups build relationships, and develop and sustain good processes for making decisions and working together.
  • Facilitate community leadership and help community groups build power.
  • Drive effective policy advocacy in support of community-led initiatives.
  • Leverage strategic communications to shift the narrative around issues affecting the community.
  • Use litigation and leverage individual cases into systemic impact and real change for communities of color and clients with low income.

Attorneys and Specialists

Terrance O’Neil
Terrance O’Neil
Terrance O’Neil
Director of Online Learning


Our Insights

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