Racial Justice Institute

It is more important than ever for advocates for race equity to understand and address issues of race, implicit bias, and how to affirmatively advance racial equity.

The Racial Justice Institute is a groundbreaking national leadership program, centered in a commitment to race equity as an integral and essential part of anti-poverty advocacy. Following seven months of intensive training, Racial Justice Institute fellows join a network of over 428 advocates working on race equity issues across the country.

Advocates working with and for communities of color have a unique opportunity to play a critical role in advancing race equity. Read what three RJI fellows said about the program and how the skills they acquired in RJI and the relationships they forged have transformed their practice.

Attorneys and Specialists

Janerick Holmes
Janerick Holmes
Janerick Holmes
Director of the Racial Justice Institute


Our Insights

Although the pathway to organizational change can be challenging, groundwork can lay a helpful footing.

How Washington State Advocates Navigated Early Days of COVID-19 to Uplift and Partner with Communities

Groundbreaking Program Centers Racial Equity in Anti-Poverty Advocacy

By providing anti-poverty advocates with racial justice tools and concepts, RJI is transforming legal aid and public interest advocacy.

Our Impact

Now in its ninth year, this groundbreaking program equips anti-poverty advocates with tools to advance racial equity.

Understanding and using key constructs can help advocates better frame issues through a racial justice lens.

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