Racial Justice Institute

It is more important than ever for advocates for race equity to understand and address issues of race, implicit bias, and how to affirmatively advance racial equity.

The Racial Justice Institute is a groundbreaking national leadership program, grounded in a commitment to race-equity as an integral and essential part of anti-poverty advocacy. Following seven months of intensive training, Fellows join a national network of alumni who are advancing race equity all throughout the country.

Following completion of the program, Racial Justice Institute fellows join a network of over 240 advocates working on race equity issues across the country.

New This Year: The RJI Senior Management Track
The RJI Senior Management Track will position organizational leaders to support both internal culture change and innovative solutions to racial justice issues faced by the unique communities RJI Fellows and their programs serve. If you are selected as an RJI Fellow, two members of your organizational leadership will be eligible to participate in the RJI 2020 Senior Management Track.

Applications for the 2020 Racial Justice Institute are now open. Download the application brochure to learn more about the program and fill out the online application when you are ready to apply.

Attorneys and Specialists

Kimberly Merchant
Kimberly Merchant
Kimberly Merchant
Racial Justice Institute Director


Janerick Holmes
Janerick Holmes
Janerick Holmes
Associate Director, Racial Justice Institute


Our Insights

Across the country, advocates for people living in poverty are working to ensure racial justice is a core part of their work.

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