Supervising for Quality & Impact

We’re lawyers on a mission. We’re leaders in our field. But are we mentors and motivators to our own team?

To build a stronger and more effective organization, your supervision and management systems should nurture leadership, support diversity and inclusion, and reward innovation and hard work.

Learn how to supervise across lines of difference, such as race and gender. Build your skills at giving effective constructive feedback, handling difficult conversations, addressing motivation and burn-out, and delegating successfully.  We’ve recently redesigned the course structure to allow for better application of new content and skills, in a shorter period of time. 

Ensure that you have the skills and support to bring about transformative change to your organization. Join the Shriver Center for Supervising for Quality & Impact. 

Attorneys and Specialists

Terrance O’Neil
Terrance O’Neil
Terrance O’Neil
Director of Online Learning


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Strengthening supervision skills in the time of COVID-19.

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