Earlier News Releases

Residents and Housing Authorities work together to ensure safe relocation following lead crisis.

Federal Civil Rights lawsuit challenges enforcement of local nuisance ordinance.

Nationwide Collection of State-Based Legal Advocacy Groups Stand with Immigrant Families and Communities

Advocates allege that the State of Illinois is months behind in processing Medicaid applications.

The most vulnerable communities in America will be the first to bear the brunt of the consequences of this damaging shut-down.

As affordable housing units continue to age and require renovation, it is essential that we protect vulnerable residents.

Illinois legislature passes bill to steadily increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 by 2025.

GetCareIllinois.org offers low-income families a roadmap to finding, obtaining, and using healthcare coverage.

The use of criminal records in housing limits the ability of justice-involved individuals to rebuild their lives and benefit their communities.

The measure will ensure that housing providers in Cook County, Illinois, do not discriminate against housing applicants with criminal records.

Forty-two Fellows who have been selected to take part in the Shriver Center's 2019 Racial Justice Institute.

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