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A mission-driven communication leader and storyteller, Raftery brings nearly 25 years' experience working for government, business, the media, and nonprofits.

Now in its ninth year, this groundbreaking program equips anti-poverty advocates with tools to advance racial equity.

Illinois became the first state in the nation to provide Medicaid-like coverage to low-income seniors over the age of 65. Today Illinois builds upon this legacy by expanding coverage to low-income adults ages 55 through 64.

Attorney brings deep experience in advocacy for equal justice.

Historic advance for domestic workers, anti-wage theft protections, added paid sick leave use among wins

The task force will examine the foster system's disproportionate impact on Black families and communities.

Groundbreaking program now in its eighth year centers racial equity in anti-poverty advocacy

Victory for immigrant communities nationwide as U.S. Justice Department drops defense in Illinois case.

Historic criminal justice legislation moves to governor's desk, other economic measures advance racial justice

The Shriver Center advocacy efforts will amplify the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus agenda as well as key issues facing our communities.

A statement from the Shriver Center on Poverty Law

While the fight is not over, we celebrate that now the public charge rule should not be implemented in the state of Illinois & the rest of the nation.

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