Access to Affordable, Comprehensive Care

Healthcare is a human right. The high cost of care means millions of families have no access to the critical care all human beings deserve.

We work to ensure that everyone, no matter their income, race, or where they come from, can access quality healthcare for themselves and their families. Our advocacy for affordable health coverage includes litigation to defend those who are unjustly denied it.

We continue to advocate for Medicaid expansion for those who need it the most, defend against rollbacks to the Affordable Care Act, limit attempts to replace quality healthcare coverage with short-term health plans, and work with policy makers, health care practitioners, and partner organizations in Illinois and across the country to make it easier for people to get and keep the health coverage they need it.

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Our Insights

In face of federal threats, state governments can protect their residents’ healthcare.

Medicaid helps millions stay financially and physically healthy.

Everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable health care coverage.

Our Impact

Shriver Center the underscored urgency of defending Illinois from the Trump Administration's efforts to weaken Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. offers low-income families a roadmap to finding, obtaining, and using healthcare coverage.

Advocates allege that the State of Illinois is months behind in processing Medicaid applications.

Affordable access to insulin is life-saving and sustaining for more than 1.1 million Illinoisans who live with diabetes.

Attorneys and Specialists

Stephanie Altman
Stephanie Altman
Stephanie Altman
Director of Healthcare Justice and Senior Director of Policy


Stephani Becker
Stephani Becker
Stephani Becker
Associate Director of Healthcare Justice


Andrea Kovach
Andrea Kovach
Andrea Kovach
Senior Attorney, Healthcare Justice


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