Our Impact

Over our 50-year history, the Shriver Center has secured hundreds of law and policy victories with and for people living in poverty in Illinois. Building on these wins and our comprehensive view of poverty, we connect and train lawyers, community leaders, and activists nationwide to advance opportunity--for all, not just some.

Taking food away from the people who need it most does not help them get a job, it only plunges them into deeper poverty.

Measure will protect over 1 million people in Cook County from housing discrimination.

Complaint seeks new housing and zoning laws in Chicago to ensure the creation of affordable housing across all neighborhoods, not just some.

Over 70 advocates from across the country gathered to discuss advocacy strategies to end driver’s license suspensions for unpaid fines and fees.

Shriver Center advocates help block rule that targets low-income immigrants from taking effect

Rule would cause 3.1 million to lose SNAP benefits.

No family should have to make that choice between meeting their basic needs and being with their loved ones.

Legislators unanimously pass law after hearing from justice-involved individuals, community members, and advocates from the Shriver Center.

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