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Reimagining Justice: Our 2023 Illinois Legislative Agenda

The fight for racial and economic justice takes commitment from everyone—no one can stand on the sidelines anymore.

The Shriver Center on Poverty Law champions progressive policies that address long-standing inequities, strengthen families, and fuel opportunity in marginalized communities. Our 2023 Illinois legislative agenda supports and protects workers with low wages, expands access to health care, protects tenants and promotes inclusive housing, and keeps families strong and stable.

Everyone should be paid decently and have basic workplace protections so that they can sustain themselves financially, be healthy, and be able to take care of their family.

We are advocating for bills that would:

Everyone deserves access to affordable, comprehensive, culturally appropriate health care, no matter their income, race, gender, or where they are from.

We are working to pass legislation that would:

  • Extend coverage to all low-income immigrant adults. Immigrants who are undocumented have few options for affordable health coverage. This legislation would extend Medicaid look-alike coverage to Illinois residents aged 19-41 with household income up to 138% of the federal poverty level, regardless of their immigration status.
  • Ensure that health insurance costs are equitable and affordable. Over half (58%) of Illinois adults have struggled to afford health insurance. This bill will protect consumers from excessive premium increases by requiring the state to review and approve health insurance rates, as well as ensuring the process is transparent, accessible, and equitable.

All people should have the right to safe, stable homes to build better futures for themselves and their families.

We are advocating to:

  • Improve access to safe, affordable housing by sealing past eviction records. Eviction screening policies deprive families of housing and perpetuate discrimination against people of color, in particular Black women. This legislation would ensure individuals and families have equitable access to housing through increased sealing of eviction records.

Strong families make strong communities.

We working to ensure that families have what they need to remain strong and stable:

  • Promote racial equity and justice in the child welfare system. Black children are represented in Illinois’s child welfare system at about three times the percentage of the statewide child population that is Black. The Shriver Center leads the Racial Disproportionality in Child Welfare Task Force, which is exploring resources, policies, and practices to prevent system entry for families and reduce racial disproportionality within the system.

Join us in the fight for racial and economic justice. Support our work.

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Our policies and laws must value families, center communities, and end racial inequities.

Our laws and policies must support people by ensuring fair work at a living wage and by providing the income supports families need to be successful.

Everyone deserves access to affordable, comprehensive, culturally appropriate healthcare, no matter their income, race, gender, or where they're from.

All people should have the right to a safe, stable home to build better futures for themselves and their families.

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