Our Impact

Over our 50-year history, the Shriver Center has secured hundreds of law and policy victories with and for people living in poverty in Illinois. Building on these wins and our comprehensive view of poverty, we connect and train lawyers, community leaders, and activists nationwide to advance opportunity--for all, not just some.

The Shriver Center on Poverty Law champions these policies in this 2021 legislative session.

Abolishing money bond will allow thousands of people to stay in their communities while awaiting trial.

Historic criminal justice legislation moves to governor's desk, other economic measures advance racial justice

Recommendations to the Illinois Department of Public Health

Starving people does not help them find jobs, especially during a pandemic.

Shriver Center Lawsuit Brings Policy Change to Ensure Food Access for Everyone.

While the fight is not over, we celebrate that now the public charge rule should not be implemented in the state of Illinois & the rest of the nation.

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