2020 Annual Report

In 2020, the Shriver Center met the moment, while building for the future.

Letter from the President & CEO

Meeting the moment. Building for the future. 

In 2020, as we have in years past, the Shriver Center met the moment. The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare historic racial, ethnic, and income inequalities in access to health care, exacerbated housing instability, and drove millions into poverty. Our country also mourned and reckoned with the violence against Black lives and called out structural racism that continues to oppress millions.  

In the face of a shifting advocacy landscape, the Shriver Center quickly responded. We urged local, state, and federal leaders to adopt policies that would prioritize relief for low-income communities and communities of color. We worked with our community partners to bring recovery efforts to scale while also moving toward long overdue systemic change. We continued to train and support advocates nationwide to address poverty and racial justice, and we built new partnerships with the private bar to support this work.  

I joined the Shriver Center as its new President & CEO in June 2020, thrilled to return to this critical force for justice and equity, where I started my career as a staff attorney two decades ago. Despite the challenges of assuming leadership in tumultuous times, I’ve been overwhelmed and gratified by our staff’s response to our communities’ most pressing needs.  

Moving forward, the Shriver Center will continue to seize opportunities to address inequities that limit opportunity and to dismantle unjust systems. In the coming year, as we embark on a strategic planning process and bolster our programs, we will more clearly define how we carry forth our mission and make plans to build for the future.   

I’m proud to share highlights of the Shriver Center’s impact for economic and racial justice in 2020 below. And I’m grateful to the supporters who make our work possible.  

Advocacy for lasting systemic change has never been more critical. Thank you for joining us in the fight for economic and racial justice.  

Audra Wilson
President & CEO


We believe in organizational excellence at all levels, grounded in our core values and measured against progress toward our mission to guide our path to success.

Below is a snapshot of the Shriver Center’s revenue and expenses for FY 2020. Our Audited Financial Statement and tax form 990 for FY 2020 are available for download.

Our Supporters

Thank you to our generous donors, funders, and supporters, who make our work for economic and racial justice possible.


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