Law Firm Antiracism Alliance Will Foster Advocacy to Eliminate Structural Racism

New alliance partners with Racial Justice Institute

It is more important than ever for advocates for race equity to understand and address issues of race, implicit bias, and how to affirmatively advance racial equity. Lawyers and law firms are uniquely positioned to analyze and advocate to change laws and policies that encourage, perpetuate or allow racial injustice.

In response to a national call to support Black lives and advance race equity, the Shriver Center’s Racial Justice Institute has announced a partnership with the Association of Pro Bono Counsel to launch the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA). The Alliance will utilize the private bar resources of more than 140 firms to assist legal services organizations in furtherance of their missions to dismantle barriers to opportunity in communities of color.

Conversations among lawyers in the private sector have affirmed and highlighted the need and responsibility for law firms to do more in partnership with legal services organizations to identify and dismantle structural or systemic racism in the law. The collaborative efforts of law firms, in partnership with legal services organizations, other sectors of the legal profession and key stakeholders, have the potential to create deeper and more lasting change than through private firms acting independently.

“This partnership has a lot of potential to advance the fight against structural racism,” said Racial Justice Institute Director Kimberly Merchant. “It’s a bit of an experiment, but this partnership could strengthen relationships between pro bono counsel and the Racial Justice Institute Network and lead to more impact,” she continued.

The Alliance is planning an inaugural summit this summer. For more information or to get involved in the LFAA, contact Brenna DeVaney. Watch this video to learn more about the Racial Justice Institute.

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