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Systemic inequities and the legacy of structural racism in the United States make it harder for low-income people and people of color to achieve financial stability.

We work to ensure that people having trouble meeting basic needs can access income supports that provide them and their families with the housing, healthcare, cash assistance, job training, and nutrition that every human being needs and deserves.

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Our Insights

Time for action to increase racial equity and opportunities for low-wage workers.

Direct investments in health coverage, tax credits, and other benefits for people with low income will serve families hardest hit by the pandemic.

We must acknowledge the myriad challenges facing workers, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

It's time to ensure the financial security of all families by providing a guaranteed income.

Our Impact

New Shriver Center report urges policy changes to increase racial equity and protect low-wage workers.

The Shriver Center has made recommendations to the Illinois Future of Work Task Force.

No one should have to choose between meeting their basic needs and being with their loved ones.

5,000 Chicagoans will receive $500 a month in one of nation's largest publicly funded guaranteed income programs


Jan 2023

Supreme Court shuts down attempt to revive cruel public charge rule but the legal fight continues.

Apr 2022

It's time to boldly reimagine the social safety net, eliminate deep poverty, and provide stability to middle income households by implementing a guaranteed income.

Jul 2020

A collection of readings, research, and tools to help guide an understanding of structural racism.

Attorneys and Specialists

Jeremy Rosen
Jeremy Rosen
Jeremy Rosen
Director of Economic Justice


Nolan Downey
Nolan Downey
Nolan Downey
Staff Attorney, Economic Justice

Shriver Center on Poverty Law


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