Kate Walz

Kate Walz
Kate Walz
Kate Walz
Vice President of Advocacy, Senior Director of Litigation, & Director of Housing Justice

Shriver Center on Poverty Law


Kate Walz

Kate Walz, Vice President of Advocacy, advocates on behalf of low-income individuals living in or in need of public, subsidized, or affordable housing. She has served as counsel in a variety of litigation aimed at preserving public and subsidized housing, enforcing fair housing laws, and protecting the housing rights of tenants. Kate also spearheads housing policy work for the Shriver Center and has successfully passed legislation protecting low-income renters facing condominium conversion, experiencing violence, seeking to improve housing conditions, and shielding juvenile court information from the eviction process. She is the co-coordinator of the Safe Homes Initiative, a project aimed at ensuring that survivors of domestic and sexual violence have access to safe, decent, and affordable housing.

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