Housing protections for justice-involved people in Illinois

Illinois landlords cannot threaten or evict tenants because of their immigration status

A collection of readings, research, and tools to help guide an understanding of structural racism.

Since March, children of over 11,200 parents have been subjected to a Department of Children and Family Services policy banning supervised visits.

Shriver Center advocates share updates on their COVID-19 response work and impact.

COVID-19 has revealed the high cost of policies that have kept undocumented immigrants without access to healthcare, housing, and food assistance.

Links to information and useful resources to aid communities seeking support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about strategies to ensure healthcare coverage for all.

Overly restrictive housing admissions policies create barriers to housing for individuals with criminal records.

Crime free rental housing and nuisance property ordinances often have very costly consequences for tenant families, landlords, and the whole community

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