Junk Insurance Plans Limited in Illinois

Illinoisans at risk of the pitfalls of short-term health insurance plans will now have stronger consumer protections instead.

The Illinois General Assembly successfully passed a bipartisan, negotiated bill that will protect Illinois from a new federal rule that turns back the clock on protections for consumers with pre-existing conditions. As members of the Protect Our Care Illinois coalition, the Shriver Center advocated for the measure will limit Illinois consumers’ exposure to short-term health insurance plans which provide diminished coverage parading as a more affordable option. 

The bill keeps these plans truly short term by: 

● limiting their coverage duration to 180 days

● requiring clear and easily understandable language on all marketing and promotional materials, and

● giving the Department of Insurance the regulatory muscle to actually safeguard consumers against the dangers of short-term plans. 

This ensures that Illinoisans who were at risk of the pitfalls of skimpy plans – being sold insufficient coverage, being denied for having a pre-existing condition or experiencing higher premiums – will now have stronger consumer protections instead. Other states, including New York and California, have passed laws limiting or completely outlawing the use of short-term plans.

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