Hot Meals for Hungry Illinoisans Signed into Law!

New Law will Make It Easier for Homeless, Elderly, and Disabled SNAP Recipients to Obtain Food

The Hot Meals for Hungry Illinoisans Act, advocated for by the Shriver Center on Poverty Law and our partners, has recently been signed by Governor Pritzker and goes into effect on January 1, 2020. This new law will make it possible for homeless, elderly, and disabled SNAP recipients to use their benefits to purchase hot meals at participating grocery stores and restaurants.  

This spring, the Shriver Center secured numerous victories in the Illinois Legislature for families with low income, people earning the minimum wage, individuals experiencing hunger, the formerly justice-involved, consumers, and more. We’re pushing policies designed to not only address people’s basic needs, but also to advance equity and build movement toward systemic change

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Systemic inequities and the legacy of structural racism make it harder for low-income people and people of color to achieve financial stability.

Our laws and policies must support people by ensuring fair work at a living wage and by providing the income supports families need to be successful.

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