Federal Court Grants Illinois Injunction Against Public Charge Rule

Shriver Center advocates help block rule that targets low-income immigrants from taking effect.

Shriver Center Secures Interim Victory For Low-Income Immigrant Families

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CHICAGO—The Shriver Center on Poverty Law applauds the decision of the Northern District Court of Illinois to grant a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump Administration’s harmful change to the public charge rule from taking effect today Tuesday, October 15. The ruling is a significant victory for immigrants, communities, and all Illinois families. The Illinois decision comes after last week’s decisions in New York, California, and Washington, which also temporarily blocked the regulation from taking effect while litigation continues.

“Given the chilling effect we’ve already seen in immigrant communities since the rule was first proposed, there’s no question that its implementation would have endangered the health and well-being of millions of immigrant families across the country and right here in Illinois,” said Militza Pagan, attorney and member of the litigation team at the Shriver Center. “Unfairly targeted immigrant families are now getting a measure of relief, as a result of advocates using the power of the law to fight back against injustice.”

The Shriver Center, the Legal Council for Health Justice, and their client the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, along with lawyers representing the Cook County government, brought the motion in federal court seeking a preliminary injunction against the policy for Illinois on the basis that it is contrary to law, is a threat to public health, and demonizes immigrants of color, people who are low-income, people living with disabilities, and those individuals who use safety nets such as Medicaid, SNAP, and housing assistance to fill the gaps resulting from systemic issues that leave many families unable to make ends meet. 

As the courts continue to ascertain the legality of the public charge rule, the Shriver Center stands strong and ready with its partners here in Illinois and across the country to use the law as a defense against any proposal that is an affront to racial and economic justice and that would punish people for accessing critical health, food, and shelter supports that every person needs and deserves.


The Shriver Center on Poverty Law fights for economic and racial justice. Over our 50-year history, we have secured hundreds of victories with and for people living in poverty in Illinois and across the country. Today, we litigate, shape policy, and train and convene multi-state networks of lawyers, community leaders, and activists nationwide. Together, we are building a future where all people have equal dignity, respect, and power under the law. Join the fight at povertylaw.org.

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