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Poverty matters to everyone. You can help improve lives and opportunities for the millions living in poverty.

With your support, the Shriver Center stands ready to make a strong contribution to the national effort to protect, defend, and advance justice and opportunity for people living in poverty. Act now.

Donate. Your contributions fund our work to improve the lives of the more than 40 million people living in poverty. Every dollar matters. Please consider making a contribution today.

Take Action. Take action for equity with the Shriver Center! Signing up will enable you to directly take action through email, social media, and calls to lawmakers in order to support Shriver Center-led measures that will bring opportunity and equity. 

Sign Up. We're building an online movement to make equity and opportunity real for everyone in America. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and lend your voice to the fight for justice.

Come to an Event. Meet us in person, learn more about our work, and support our anti-poverty efforts. Learn more about our upcoming events.

Share. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebookwatch us on YouTube, and read our blog on Medium. Most of all, please share with your friends! The more voices that support us, the more progress we will make. Let us know what you see in your community, and let leaders know what you want to see.

Volunteer. Put your talents to work in the pursuit of justice and equal opportunity. There are a number of ways to volunteer, from law student internships, to pro bono opportunities, to supporting our events. For more information, contact us.

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