Support economic & racial justice in the face of COVID-19

More than ever we need to advocate for systemic change.

More than ever we need to advocate for systemic change.

More than ever, we need to work toward systemic change that ensures healthcare, paid sick time, access to secure shelter/housing, and support for the justice-involved. 

The COVID-19 crisis lays bare the racism and poverty many communities experience daily. The Shriver Center on Poverty Law is advocating on all fronts to call out the necessary law, policy changes, and budget allocations needed to address economic and racial justice in this COVID-19 crisis. We are working on comprehensive relief to help navigate this crisis and protect vulnerable individuals and families now and moves toward long overdue change by: 

  • Supporting working families; 
  • Providing healthcare for our most vulnerable; 
  • Ensuring equitable housing practices; 
  • Advocating for parental rights for families involved with the foster system.  

By signing on to support the Shriver Center’s crisis advocacy you will be using your voice to amplify our efforts with Governor Pritzker and Illinois lawmakers during this pandemic.

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