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Housing: Section 8

Housing Choice Vouchers

How can housing choice vouchers help me?

The Housing Choice Voucher Program may help your family with housing costs by providing you with a voucher paying some of your rent while you pay approximately 30% of your income towards rent. The program allows you to rent housing in the private market with your voucher if it meets the requirements of the program and pays a portion of your rent directly to your landlord, so that you can live comfortably in a home that meets your needs and your family’s.

Note: Housing Choice Vouchers and other housing assistance are often VERY limited, and long waiting lists are common even if you are eligible. Sometimes, if the demand for affordable housing is greater than housing resources, the waiting lists are closed.

As a student in college or a training program, am I eligible?

Yes. However, any financial assistance which you receive from Pell Grants, scholarships, work-study income, etc., and which is in excess of tuition is considered income when determining eligibility, except for persons over 23 with dependants.

How do I apply for housing choice vouchers?

To apply for housing choice vouchers, contact your local Public Housing Authority (PHA). You can find a PHA online.

More Information and Resources

For further assistance, contact the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Region V Office at the Chicago Regional Office:

Ralph Metcalfe Fed Building
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604-3507
Phone: 312-353-5680; Fax 312-913-8293

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