2023 Racial Justice Forum: Reimagine Justice

Nov 9-10, 2023

Convene Fulton Market | 333 North Green Street Chicago, IL


As a critical partner in our work to end poverty and achieve racial justice, members of the Racial Justice Institute Network are invited to continue their collaboration at the Shriver Center on Poverty Law’s latest gathering, the 2023 Racial Justice Forum: Reimagine Justice.

The Racial Justice Forum provides a gathering place for listening and dialogue to deepen our understanding of race and racism in our country. Think of it as a catalyst for encouraging new perspectives, building momentum, and promoting collective action for peace and justice. As advocates and concerned citizens, we are uniquely positioned to reclaim and reframe the narrative around people living in poverty.


Wednesday, November 8

We encourage all participants who are traveling to arrive with enough time to settle into their hotel and prepare for an amazing few days together!

Thursday, November 9: Racial Justice Forum

In partnership with members of the Legal Impact Network and other advocates, we’ll reflect on how to advance racial justice. Topics will include:

  • Building Community-Driven Solutions to Systemic Challenges: In the face of ever-mounting pushback against diversity, equity, and inclusion, we will discuss what it means to dismantle racist systems and enhance our collective power.
  • Tactics for Addressing Pushback against Anti-Racism: As our society deals with a rapidly changing landscape, from the Supreme Court walking back our rights to a rise of “anti-woke” rhetoric, we need the skills to have hard conversations.  As advocates of racial and economic justice, we’ll develop effective tools and strategies to improve day-to-day conversations with family and friends who may disagree with us.
  • Building a Racial Justice Movement in 2023 and Beyond: When one person is oppressed, we all suffer.  Together we can create a society where racism and poverty no longer exist. To transform our society, we must build power to change the root causes of oppression.  We’ll envision next steps to create a movement through collective action.

In the evening, to mark the birthday of our founder Sargent Shriver, we’ll host a Celebration and Conversation, a gathering of friends with food, cocktails, and discussion.  We’ll also present Igniting Activism for Racial and Economic Justice. This latest installment of the Civil Rights at a Crossroads series is a fireside chat about the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the fight for racial justice today.

Friday, November 10: Legal Impact Network and Racial Justice Institute Alumni Collaboration

Together, we will debrief and collaborate on the next steps in our work.  Sessions will conclude at 12 p.m. CST.

Please register by November 3, 2023.

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