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What Did the U.S. Supreme Court Say About Access to the Federal Courts?

with Gill Deford, Jane Perkins, Gary Smith, and Mona Tawatao

In its 2014 Term, the U.S. Supreme Court issued high-profile decisions on same-sex marriage and the Affordable Care Act. But it also wrote many lower-profile opinions that will affect litigants' ability to access the federal courts.

The "Federal Court Access Group"—Gill Deford, Jane Perkins, Gary Smith, and Mona Tawatao—recapped the 2014 Term and its effect on federal court access. They discussed cases that touched on statutory construction, deference to agency decisions, organizational standing, and other issues that control access to federal courts.

Be sure to check out their Clearinghouse article, The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2014 Term: High- and Low-Profile Decisions with Lurking Access Issues. This article is the latest in our long-running annual series of articles recapping what the Court said about federal court access.

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