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Fighting Wage Theft with the Witness in Your Pocket

with Michael Hollander and Nate Vogel

Victims of wage theft often face a lack of reliable evidence to support their claims for unpaid wages. But what if the evidence they need was in their pocket the whole time? Attorneys at Community Legal Services of Philadelphia and their partners at Hack4Impact created a web-based tool to turn cell phone location history into evidence of hours spent at a workplace.

In our September 2018 episode of the Advocacy Exchange, our monthly conversation with advocates advancing change, we talked with two attorneys from Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, Michael Hollander and Nate Vogel. We discussed this innovative idea of using cell phone data as evidence and how that evidence can be used in wage-theft cases.

Further Resources

Nate Vogel & Michael Hollander, The Witness in Your Pocket, Clearinghouse (Sept. 2018)

Location History Analyzer

Michael Hollander, Finishing What You Started: Collecting on Judgments for Low-Wage Workers, Clearinghouse (Feb. 2015)

Michael Hollander, Advocacy Exchange: Collecting on Judgments for Low-Wage Workers, Clearinghouse (Feb. 18, 2015)

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