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What’s the Difference Between Social Security and SSI?

with Kate Lang

If you are a new attorney or if public benefits law is not the focus of your practice, you may hear a lot about social security and SSI but not have a good grasp on their particulars. Who qualifies for each program? What about their dependents? What is OASDI? What is SSDI? How do they relate to health insurance? How are decisions appealed? What do non-benefits lawyers need to know about these programs?

In this episode of the Advocacy Exchange, our live monthly broadcast with advocates advancing change, we talked with Kate Lang, Senior Staff Attorney at Justice in Aging, about the basics of social security and SSI.

Be sure to read Kate Lang’s Clearinghouse article, “Social Security and Supplemental Security Income 101.” Her article covers the details that we did not get into during the live conversation.

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