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Clean Slate: How the Left, Right, and Football Players Passed an Innovative Criminal-Records Law

with Sharon Dietrich and Rebecca Vallas

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania passed a “Clean Slate” law that made it the first state to adopt automated sealing of some criminal records. The effort brought together Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, chambers of commerce, district attorneys, the faith community—and NFL players. How did it happen—and can Clean Slate be replicated in other states?

In our November 2018 episode of the Advocacy Exchange, our monthly conversation with advocates advancing change, we talked with Sharon Dietrich, Litigation Director at Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, and Rebecca Vallas, Vice President of the Poverty to Prosperity Program at the Center for American Progress. We discussed how these strange bedfellows came together in Pennsylvania and how to replicate the Clean Slate success in other states.

Further Resources

Sharon Dietrich & Rebecca Vallas, The Left, the Right, and the Football Players: How Clean Slate Automated Sealing Was Passed in Pennsylvania, Clearinghouse (Nov. 2018)

Clean Slate (2018) (information about the national campaign for clean slate legislation).

Clean Slate Toolkit (2018).

More from Sharon Dietrich in the Clearinghouse Review.

More from Rebecca Vallas in the Clearinghouse Review.

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