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2015 July

Zebley Counsel Look Back 25 Years and Forward to More Impact Advocacy

By Jonathan M. Stein & Richard P. Weishaupt

The 1990 U.S. Supreme Court case of Sullivan v. Zebley changed the Supplemental Security Income program for children and awarded class relief for about a half-million children who had been illegally denied benefits. The implementation of the victory took more effort than the litigation itself. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Zebley, attorneys involved with the case share their remembrances of the litigation and its aftermath.

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Whence We Come

By Victor Geminiani

Earl Johnson Jr. has written a three-volume treatise that traces the history of the legal aid movement from its inception in 1876 through 2008. He describes the ebb and flow of federal support for legal aid, including the launch of the War on Poverty and the political backlash that followed. This history makes clear the importance of systemic advocacy to the overall vision for the legal aid movement.

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