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1996 November

Separate and Unequal

The Struggle of Tenants with Mental Illness to Maintain Housing

By Michael Allen

Despite the passage of two major civil rights statutes designed to protect their rights, many persons with severe mental illness do not yet enjoy status as full tenants and experience great difficulty in securing and maintaining stable housing. This article assesses the current state of the law on tenancy rights of persons with mental disabilities and gives strategies for advocates.

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Assuring Quality

The Debate Over Private Accreditation and Public Certification of Health Care Facilities

By Claudia Schlosberg & Shelley Jackson

Historically, public authorities have relied on private, provider-run accrediting organizations, such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, to set standards for care and to determine compliance with those standards. This article explores both the practical and the legal significance of private accrediLation and the related issue of government certification of public facilities.

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Governmental Immunity and Other Impediments

Decisions Concerning Access to Federal Court During the Supreme Court's 1995-96 Term

By Laurie Davison, Gill Deford, Matthew Diller, Shelley Jackson, Brian Lawlor & David Vladeck

Last term, the Supreme Court issued a number of decisions that create significant obstacles for individuals seeking access to and remedial relief from federal courts. Although a few of these decisions were benign, those in the cases against government entities were troubling at best.

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