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1996 May

A Primer on Sexual Harassment Law

By Yolanda S. Wu & Deborah A. Ellis

The consequences of sexual harassment can be significant for poor working women seeking to maintain their jobs. This article is intended to give legal services advocates an overview of federal sexual harassment law and to offer some ideas about how to advise low-income clients who want to challenge harassment.

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Illegal Guarantees in Nursing Homes

A Nursing Facility Cannot Force a Resident's Family Members and Friends to Become Financially Responsible for Nursing Facility Expenses

By Eric Carlson

Federal law prohibits a nursing facility from forcing a third party to guarantee payment as a condition of a resident's admission. Nevertheless, nursing facilities continue to obtain these guarantees. This article describes the purpose of the federal law prohibiting guarantees and explains why they are both illegal and unenforceable.

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Challenging Child Exclusion Programs

By Martha F. Davis

Despite their apparent popularity, child exclusion programs are controversial and, many advocates contend, illegal. This article outlines potential legal claims challenging the exclusion of children from their families' Aid to Families with Dependent Children grant merely because they were conceived and born after the family began receiving welfare.

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