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1996 June

Mapping the Needs of the Poor

By Maggie Spade

Maps displaying the needs of low-income populations are an effective and dramatic means of interpreting quantitative research results. The National Consumer Law Center now can create maps showing poverty statistics, including energy usage, price, and other utility data, profiles of low-income housing needs, portraits of agency service areas, and other demographic information.

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Student Fee Waivers in Public Schools

Have Fees Created a Private School Within a Public School

By David G. Challed

In more than half of the states, student fees are assessed against children attending public schools. In those states, the only way for low-income children to have access to certain classes and activities may be through fee waivers. This article examines fee waivers, why waivers should apply to extracurricular fees, and due process requirements for fee waivers.

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A Due Process Primer

Litigating Government Benefit Cases in the Block Grant Era

By Nancy Morawetz

The prospect of block grant legislation that would transform federal benefit programs has dramatic implications for the litigation of basic issues of procedural fairness in the administration of those programs. This article reviews recent case law that shapes the degree to which the courts will honor due process claims, suggests strategies for asserting procedural claims, and offers cautionary notes on the ways in which procedural claims may undermine client interests.

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