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1995 October

Due Process Considerations for Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries in Managed Care Systems

By Alfred J. Chiplin Jr. & Patricia Nemore

Managed care is a fact of life. It is essential that managed care delivery systems for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries include basic due process rights. This article discusses the specific requirements of current Medicare and Medicaid law and proposes a framework to guide advocacy as these two programs change.

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Social Security Advocacy After Your Client's Application for Benefits Has Been Granted

By Michael R. Schuster, Zita Dresner & Kathleen M Harrigan

The advocates work is not over once a client establishes entitlement to benefits from the Social Security Administration. This article describes some of the steps that an advocate can take to resolve problems that may delay a client's receipt of benefits, reduce the benefit award, and/or lead to benefit reductions.

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