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1995 April

A Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Base Conversion

By Bill Kennedy

Success in the military-base-closure process is based more upon the quality of advocates and community organizations' planning and coordination than upon a comprehensive knowledge of the law; this article focuses on the nuts and bolts of a community's effort in "guns to butter" advocacy.

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Converting Military Bases and Other Vacant Federal Property to Aid Homeless People

By Maria Foscarinis

The Base Closure Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance Act of 1994 presents significant opportunities and challenges for groups working with homeless people in base-closure communities. This article describes how some local groups have used Title V of the McKinney Act to assist homeless people and outlines process issues pertinent under the new law.

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Merging Legal Services, Base Conversion, and Community Economic Development

By Benjamin B. Quinones

Although the trauma of economic dislocations always falls hardest on legal services client populations, low-income communities can gain from an inclusive base-conversion process. This article evaluates the community economic development (CED) related to base closures. It identifies important CED opportunities for legal services advocates to pursue and describes the important benefits and valuable addition that CED activists, nonprofit social service providers, and other low-income advocates can bring to the closure process.

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Military Base Closures and Reuse Planning

Representing the Poor

By Lauren Hallinan & Catherine Bishop

As a practice area, military base closures offer one of the more promising venues to reach the goals that underlie legal services work. This article outlines base-closure law and discusses how advocates can utilize the 1994 base-closure law on behalf of their clients. It also addresses participation in reuse planning, the components and goals of successful military-base-closure advocacy, and the promotion of meaningful involvement among client and community organizations.

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