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1994 October

Twenty Years of ERISA

So what?

By Vicki Gottlich

It is questionable whether, twenty years after its enactment, ERISA has met its goals, especially with regard to lower-income employees; this article reviews what ERISA does and discusses pension reform and education that would improve pension coverage and benefits for low-income workers.

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Limited Guardianship

Its Implementation Is Long Overdue

By Sally Balch Hurme

The author reviews the status of legislation giving courts the authority to tailor guardianship orders to fit an individual's needs and explains the reasons why courts fail to use these limited orders more frequently. She also suggests what advocates can do to make more certain that a person needing guardianship retains as many civil and personal rights as possible.

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Older Americans and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Title I

By J. Kenneth L. Morse & Sharon Rennert

Many older individuals with disabilities may not consider themselves as having a disability or recognize that they have been subjected to discrimination on that basis; this article reviews Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act and enforcement of its provisions prohibiting discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

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The Changing Long-Term Care Industry

New Levels of Care

By Toby Edelman

The newest and most profitable development for the long-term care industry is the creation of new institutional services, which their proponents call subacute care and assisted living. This article reviews this development, including the definitions of the new levels of care, their marketing and profitability, the need for governmental oversight, and the concerns of poor consumers of service.

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