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1994 July

Federal Rules Governing Survey and Certification of Nursing Facilities Will Change Again

By Toby Edelman & The National Senior Citizens Law Center

The federal rules governing survey and certification of nursing facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs are in a state of change. HCFA's requirement that states use the current federal survey protocol is currently under attack. In addition, final federal rules authorize HCFA to grant deemed status for Medicare participation to certain health care providers.

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Working with Head Start

Profile in Community Building

By Jan Stokley

At a time when nursing home residents' advocates believe that surveyors are doing a better job than ever in identifying and documenting deficiencies in facilities' performances, HCFA is planning to revise the federal survey protocol both to improve survey results and to conserve scarce resources. This article describes HCFA's proposed changes.

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Work Incentives for Persons with Disabilities Under the Social Security and SSI Programs

By James R. Sheldon Jr.

Work incentives under the social security and 551 programs provide persons with disabilities the opportunity to test employment opportunities without losing their benefits. Although still something of a secret just five years ago, work incentives have changed substantially in recent years. Updating an earlier version, this article promotes the use of work incentives and should assist advocates in analyzing work opportunities for their clients.

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