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1994 January

Youth Law Developments in 1993

By The National Center for Youth Law

Developments in youth law in 1993 include passage of new federal child welfare legislation, continued litigation on child welfare issues, and increased opportunities for successful administrative advocacy for families with children.

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Enterprise Zones

Not Perfect, But Full of Potential

By The National Economic Development and Law Center

Enterprise zones are essentially geographically defined areas within an economically depressed community in which incentives are offered to businesses to stimulate the local economy. This article examines how enterprise zone programs can be designed to address the concern of poor residents from the perspective of community economic development.

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Opportunities for Legal Services Advocacy on Jobs, Employment, Education, and Training Issues

By Irv Ackelsberg, Barbara Bonifas, Brad Caftel, Maurice Emsellem, Bristow Hardin, James Head, Mary Ellen Hombs, Elizabeth Imholz, Steve Savner & Paul Weckstein

The lack of employment opportunities paying a livable wage is one of the major problems plaguing low-income people. This article identifies important economic developments limiting clients' employment opportunities, presents strategies for advocacy in this area, and highlights some of the initiatives advocates have undertaken to coordinate work in this area.

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Veterans' Law Developments

By The National Veterans Legal Services Project

The Court of Veterans Appeals has been actively reforming how the VA decides claims for veterans' benefits. This article examines the latest case law and statutory developments in veterans' law.

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The Law of the Elderly Poor in 1993

By The National Senior Citizens Law Center

This article reviews various court decisions and pieces of legislation and regulations enacted during 1993 that will have an impact on the rights of the elderly poor. Topics discussed include age discrimination, elderly housing, ERISA, the Older Americans Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Medicaid, Medicare, and social security and SSI benefits.

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Health Care 1993

An Unprecedented Year

By The National Health Law Program

Health care developments in 1993 were dramatic, including proposed national health care reform, changes in the Medicaid program, growing incidence of AIDS and tuberculosis, increasing awareness of environmental health issues, and developments regarding patients' civil rights.

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Farmworker Law Developments

By The Migrant Legal Action Program

This article discusses legal developments, in 1993, affecting migrant farmworkers. Areas addressed include the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act, the Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program (H-2A), the Fair Labor Standards Act, pesticide regulation and occupational health, migrant housing, and education for migrant children.

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Advocacy to End Homelessness

New Initiatives for Social Equity

By Mary Ellen Hombs, Steven F. Banks, Dan Manning, Barbara Sard & David G. Sciarra

New approaches to homelessness must reflect the link between homelessness and poverty and address new and complex concerns, including HIV/AIDS, resurgent tuberculosis, and epidemic drug use. This article describes developments in federal policy, right-to-shelter advocacy, permanent housing, and child welfare affecting homeless persons.

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Strategies for Taxing Times

By Jim St. George, Cindy Mann & Iris J. Lav

Advocates need to increase state tax activism on behalf of low-income people to counterbalance drastic budget cuts in federal public assistance programs. This article describes how tax policy directly and indirectly affects clients and explains why policymakers must modernize their revenue systems in order to eliminate the chronic revenue shortfalls that lead to program cuts.

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Annual Review of Family Law

By The National Center on Women and Family Law

This article highlights recent developments in family law, particularly in the areas of battered women's issues, custody, and child support. It also covers some important issues and cases affecting parents' rights in the area of adoption and state intervention.

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Consumer and Energy Law in 1993 and Beyond

By The National Consumer Law Center

Generally, 1993 was a year of expansion of consumer rights, particularly regarding low-income utility rates and energy conservation measures. There were also several low points including the Supreme Court's blow to debtors' efforts to save their homes through bankruptcy, and LIHEAP's funding may be in jeopardy. This article highlights consumer and energy developments this past year.

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