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1993 November

State Support: A Self-Portrait

By Jamie Odle Hamon

State support centers act as communication coordinators, legal counsel, information and education brokers, legislative and administrative advocates, and sounding boards for field program staff, pro bono attorneys, and clients in their states. This article illustrates the role of state support in delivering high-quality legal services to low-income people.

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How the Clearinghouse Can Help You in Your Legal Services Practice

Guide to Clearinghouse Services

By The Clearinghouse Staff

The National Clearinghouse for Legal Services (NCLS) serves advocates by gathering and disseminating poverty law Information. This article outlines the services NCLS provides, including the Clearinghouse Review, an extensive library of case files and publications, computer-assisted legal research, and library reference services.

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Serving Clients in New Ways

Community Economic Development

By The National Economic Development and Law Center

Legal services program are beginning to look at nontraditional ways to serve their low-income clients. CED on the Job explains community economic development and how it can be worked into your daily legal services practice. The second part of the article, Redefining Success: Beyond the Body Count, describes the CED projects that one legal services practitioner has implemented in her office.

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"Access" Issues in the Supreme Court's 1992 Term

By Laurie Davison, Gill Deford, Matthew Diller, Shelley Jackson & Brian Lawlor During its 1992 term, the Supreme Court decided a number of cases that affect low-income people's access to the federal courts, including cases concerning attorney fees, standing, and retroactive application of federal statutes. This article summarizes the decisions and gives a brief overview of the access issues that may arise in the Court's 1993 term. Download this article   |   Read more ➢

The Role of Education Law in the Practice of Poverty Law

By Maura J. Kelly

Education law can have a meaningful effect on the lives of low-income clients, and expanding the field of legal services clients to include children who are deprived of educational opportunities is necessary. This articles explains how various legal services programs have undertaken education advocacy in the course of their everyday practice.

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