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1992 Special Issue

Training Now and Then

By Kevin Carey

Training maintains an important role in legal services, despite decreases in funding. This article describes the history of "centralized" and "decentralized" training in legal services and discusses possible priorities for training in the future.

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Native American Rights Fund

Our First 20 Years

By Susan Sanders & Debbie Thomas

This article examines the development of the relatively new area of Indian Law and the contributions that the Native American Rights Fund has made to its growth. During the past 20 years, NARF has had a tremendous impact on Indian rights in areas of preservation of tribal existence, protection of tribal resources, promotion of human rights, and accountability of federal and state governments to Indian tribes.

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The Past Decade of Veterans Law

By The National Veterans Legal Services Project

This article describes some of the substantial developments affecting veterans during the past ten years, including the VA's rise to cabinet status, veterans' greater access to the judicial system to challenge VA decisions, and increased recognition of service-related disorders and diseases.

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