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1992 October

Developing a Legal Services Program Policy on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Important Considerations for Older Clients and Clients with Disabilities

By Marilyn Park, Erica F. Wood & Vicki Gottlich

This article encourages legal services advocates for the elderly and disabled to become more familiar with, and play an active role, in alternative dispute resolution programs. It focuses on the ways that they can use ADR to safeguard and strengthen the rights of their clients and describes which clients and cases will benefit from ADR.

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Cutting Costs

Medicare Part B Advocacy Tools

By Bess M. Brewer & Alfred J. Chiplin Jr.

Advocates must be knowledgeable about the Medicare provisions that reduce or eliminate beneficiary financial liability for Medicare charges in order to represent clients competently. This article focuses on the provisions that hold down costs to beneficiaries under Medicare Part B.

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MCCA Updates

Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries and Restrictive Medicaid Rules

By Patricia Nemore & Jeanne Finberg

This article describes two provisions of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 that significantly affect elderly persons—the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) benefit, and Section 303(e) rules limiting states' use of restrictive Medicaid eligibility methodologies. The article discusses the provisions' implementation, interpretation, and issues for advocacy.

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