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1992 May - June

Stopping Defaults with Late Payments

By Yvonne W. Rosmarin

This article explains how delinquent debtors of installment sale contracts can use waiver and estoppel theories as defenses in breach of contract cases for default and acceleration. The author also discusses the various ways that courts have found to rule for debtors when creditors rely on nonwaiver provisions incorporated into credit agreements.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Poor Part I

What ADR Processes Exist and Why Advocates Should Become Involved

By Linda Singer, Michael Lewis, Alan W. Houseman & Elizabeth Singer

New institutions and nonjudicial methods for resolving disputes, promulgating roles, and budgeting funds are known collectively as alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Part I of this two-part article gives an overview of these processes and considers their relevance to legal services.

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