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1991 November

Health Care Rights of the Poor

An Introduction

By Michele Melden, Michael Parks & Laura M. Rosenthal

This article provides an overview of the primary sources for health care, Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and state and county indigent care programs, and examines protection of access to health care provided by the Hill-Burton program, emergency medical treatment, and civil rights.

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Alien Eligibility Under LSC Restrictions

By Charles Wheeler

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) restricts the use of LSC funds for the representation of certain categories of aliens, but far more aliens are currently eligible for legal services than were eligible when the restrictions were first imposed; this article summarizes current restrictions.

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Representing Individuals with Disabilities in Securing Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits

By Eileen P. Sweeney

An advocate representing a person with a disability in securing disability benefits needs to know the basic social security and SSI rules. This article describes the eligibility requirements, the statutory and regulatory rules defining disability, how disability determinations are made, and the appeals process.

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The Clearinghouse and Its Services

The National Clearinghouse for Legal Services provides informational support services to legal services attorneys and paralegals through the Clearinghouse Review and other publications, the Clearinghouse Order Department, and the Clearinghouse Computer-Assisted Legal Research (CALR) Project. This comprehensive summary will tell you how best to use these many services. Included is an explanation about how to use a Case Development, how to use the Clearinghouse's Order Department, and how to initiate a CALR search.

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A Short Review of Poverty Law Advocacy

By Alan W. Houseman

This article provides a brief review of major trends in poverty law advocacy from the inception of legal aid to the present. It explains why the role of the legal services attorney has shifted from the litigator of constitutional issues in federal court to an advocate for the poor in legislative and administrative proceedings.

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Self-Help Evictions

By James DePriest

Self-help eviction has been employed for many years by private landlords as a means of evicting tenants. Although self-help evictions under residential leases are not sanctioned in most states, they are still being used. This article describes the different methods landlords use and suggests several remedies available for clients who have been victims of self-help evictions.

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Introduction to HUD Conventional Public Housing, Section 8 Existing Housing, Voucher, and Subsidized Housing Programs Part I

Conventional Public Housing

By Fred Fuchs

This article is the first part of a two-part introduction to federal housing programs. Part I covers conventional public housing, identifying necessary resource materials for housing advocates and describing tenant eligibility, waiting list preferences, rent calculation, evictions, and grievance procedures.

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