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1991 April

Placing School Lunch and Breakfast Programs Back on the Advocacy Menu

By Jonathan M. Stein & Paul Minorini

Under a little-publicized 1989 amendment to the National School Lunch Act, a school district may directly certify children of families receiving AFDC or food stamp benefits as "automatically eligible" for free lunches and breakfasts; this article describes how advocates in Philadelphia worked with the local school district to expand participation in these programs.

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"Living Benefits" for the Insured, Terminally Ill Client

A Remarkable New Resource with Tax, SSI, and Medicaid Implications

By David Petersen & Thomas McCormack

Little-noticed outside of the AIDS service and advocacy community, an imaginative "viatical settlements" industry has emerged, offering accelerated benefits to terminally ill insureds with time-limited life expectancies (typically six months or less); this article discusses process of obtaining viatical settlements, as well as the tax, SSI, and Medicaid implications of such payments.

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