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1990 Special Issue

Drugs and the JOBS Program

By Mark Greenberg

AFDC recipients with substance abuse problems may need legal help in interacting with the JOBS Program (1) to be excused from program participation based on a substance abuse problem; (2) to defend against a sanction based on the substance abuse problem; (3) to seek affirmative substance abuse remediation from the JOBS Program; or (4) to defend against compelled participation in treatment as a JOBS activity.

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Representing Parents

Effective Advocacy Can Make a Difference

By Douglas J. Besharov

Unfortunately, the legal representation that parents receive in child protective proceedings often leaves much to be desired—from the point of view of the parents as well as society. This article argues that parental rights can be protected without jeopardizing the safety and well-being of maltreated children, and that society benefits when court intervention is limited to situations of real danger to children.

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Crime, Drugs, and Subsidized Housing

By Roberta L. Youmans & David B. Bryson

Elimination of the influence of drugs and drug abuse from public and subsidized housing requires a multifaceted approach; this article reviews several strategies, including improving security, providing treatment and constructive alternatives to drug use, and eviction campaigns.

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