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The Witness Bonus Episode

Click above to listen to a bonus episode of "The Witness," our podcast of firsthand stories from attorneys and advocates who are on the front lines of fighting for people living in poverty. Our first few episodes were recorded at the 40th anniversary conference of the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS). TALS serves as a statewide coordinator for civil justice issues in Tennessee. This bonus episode of The Witness features excerpts from conversations that didn't fit into our earlier themes but that we couldn't leave on the cutting-room floor.

Interview 1: Russ Overby and Chris Coleman

Russ Overby is the lead attorney of the Health, Income, and Education Practice Group at the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands. Chris Coleman is a staff attorney at the Tennessee Justice Center, a member of the Legal Impact Network. He is the author of Ongoing Barriers to Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act, 48 Clearinghouse Review 132 (Sept.-Oct. 2014).

Russ Overby and Chris Coleman

The state spent $40 million in taxpayer money to pay a law firm to fight three lawyers in a parking garage basement.

Interview 2: Jane Jarvis and Cathy Clayton

Jane Jarvis is the managing attorney of the Jackson office of West Tennessee Legal Services. Cathy Clayton is the executive director of West Tennessee Legal Services.

Jane Jarvis and Cathy Clayton

We always need to be striving toward full representation of folks who otherwise cannot get what they need to meet their basic needs: their needs for shelter security, for food security, for freedom from abuse, for children who need help in the school system in order to thrive.

Chris Coleman & Cathy Clayton

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