Shriver Center Files Lawsuit Challenging Public Charge Rule

No family should have to make that choice between meeting their basic needs and being with their loved ones.

The Trump Administration’s proposed “public charge” rule, which is slated to come into effect on October 15, will punish people seeking permanent resident status in the United States if they use—or are deemed likely to use in the future—public supports to meet their family’s basic health, housing, and nutrition needs.

The Shriver Center has filed suit in federal court to block the implementation of the Trump Administration’s public charge rule, which threatens the health of millions of immigrant families throughout the country. The lawsuit alleges that the public charge rule’s unprecedented and complicated definition will create a “chilling effect” on public benefits enrollment that will in turn threaten public health in Cook County, where 20 percent of households have at least one immigrant member. The Shriver Center represents the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights in the case.

Learn more about the public charge rule and read the press release about the lawsuit.

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