Healthy Illinois Legislation Would Create Pathway to Health Coverage for All Low-income Illinoisans

Health care is a human right, and our health system is stronger when everyone is included—especially seniors.

Everyone deserves access to affordable, comprehensive health coverage.

COVID-19 shines a spotlight on what happens when an entire low-income population—namely low-income adult undocumented immigrants—has been excluded by design from Medicaid.

The COVID-19 public health crisis is devastating our senior population—and undocumented seniors are made especially vulnerable because they are currently ineligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or ACA coverage—despite paying state and local taxes. Seniors with COVID-19 experience more serious courses of the disease and higher mortality rates.

Healthy Illinois for All (HB 4891 / SB 3703), if implemented fully, would reduce inequities and create healthier and more equitable communities in the aftermath of COVID-19 by:

  • Creating a pathway to health coverage for all low-income adult Illinoisans —starting with immigrant seniors first— which is critical to keeping all communities healthy in the face of COVID-19.
  • Extending Medicaid eligibility to all low-income Illinois residents aged 60 and older, with household incomes of up to 138% FPL ($17K for an individual) regardless of immigration status.
  • Providing comprehensive health coverage to approximately 2,000 seniors first and phasing in coverage for the remaining low-income Illinois residents.

Our seniors need meaningful access to healthcare to help ensure the health of all Illinoisans, both during this pandemic and future expected outbreaks. Health care is a human right, and our health system is stronger when everyone is included.

For more information on Healthy Illinois for All (HB 4891 / SB 3703), please view our fact sheet. [En español]

Advocate for a Healthy Illinois for All! Call Governor Pritzker and ask him to Support HB4891!

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