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Advocacy is at the center of the Shriver Center’s mission to end poverty and racial injustice.

We push for laws, policies, and systems change that improve the lives and opportunities of people living with low income.
We focus on issues that have the greatest impact for people in poverty: economic justice, health justice, housing justice and community justice, all with a racial justice lens. We have a track record of accomplishments in our home state of Illinois, and we aim to broaden our advocacy wins, state by state and at the federal level.

Our advocacy practice serves as a multifaceted approach to ending poverty and racial injustice:  

  • Litigation to combat mounting state and federal threats while also tackling structural racism and discrimination head on.
  • Policy to uncover systemic inequities and create new pathways for opportunity through legislation and system changes.
  • Multistate advocacy to harness the power of our growing networks of state advocates, allowing us to coordinate action across multiple states while also enhancing individual capacity through ongoing learning.


Kate Walz, Vice President of Advocacy and Senior Director of Litigation
Stephanie Altman, Senior Director of Policy
Gavin Kearney, Senior Director of Multistate Advocacy

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